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congratulations to the suitecrm team for the excellent work…

I have a problem and I need your help.
when I click the option to “enable desktop notifications” nothing happens and balloon notifications have “this information is not available”.

what may be causing this problem and how to solve?

Sérgio Gonçalves

I think this feature only works in firefox at the moment. It doesn’t do anything if I use chrome but firefox worked for me.

For my company I wrote a desktop tool. It runs as a standalone application and also delivers notifications.

HI All,

I’d also quite like to know the prerequisites involved here. I use Firefox 39 + Ubuntu 14.04 as the client, with SuiteCRM 7.3. I’ve enabled the desktop notifications preference under my SuiteCRM user profile, and observe the confirmation prompt. Creating a meeting with the sole attendee being my user account doesn’t result in any desktop notification prior to the meeting, nor any missed meeting notification. Timezone and date settings are accurate. Any pointers on what I’m missing here would be great :slight_smile:


Updated to 7.3.1 and still no joy here. Anyone?

Otherwise, I’ll open a bug for this – between the absence of any setup documentation (beyond what looks like very straightforward settings under the SuiteCRM user’s preferences) or any confirmation that it does work, I’m going to assume it’s not working as designed.


For folks interested in this, please check out and see if it helps.


In response to the original poster, what follows is what to expect and how to get it to work.

If the Dashboard is in focus at the time the notification is due, you won’t observe the notification. I’ve tested and re-tested this and it looks categorically to be the case – it also feels like a bug, so I’ll raise this as an issue off-thread.

This is using Firefox 40 on Ubuntu 14.04 on the client side.

Under the SuiteCRM user preferences, enable desktop notifications. You should observe a prompt, and a confirmation message on accepting, respectively:

Create your meeting accordingly, with the desired pop-up advance notification setting. As long as you’ve navigated away from the Dashboard, you should observe the desktop notification when the reminder is due:

Note that this doesn’t appear to be persistent (good material for an improvement request or bug report), and will disappear after about five seconds.

In SuiteCRM, you’ll observe the same notification prompt:

By comparison, with desktop notifications disabled, this is what the traditional pop-up looks like (again, you won’t observe this if you’re on the Dashboard):

Hope this helps, try it and see if it works for you.


Hello everyone first of all my apologies for only now being give feedback but I am away on vacation. Once back I will give more information


I just added persistent desktop alerts to SuiteCRM 7.4 release. Just for you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback.

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Wonderful – thanks! :slight_smile:


Just a note (post upgrade to 7.4.3 and several weeks of smooth running) that I’ve finally got around to testing this and ended up breaking my entire UI, as per

It looks like testing the meeting notifications is enough to trigger this.