Desktop notifications not working

I started using suite crm from the version 7.8 . Since then desktop notifications never worked . Recently I upgrade to 7.9.17 .
In the user profile , there is a red color icon for desktop notifications , which doesn’t respond on clicks .

As suggested by few others on the forum, I have checked the schedulers and they are working fine . Email alerts are working. Only desktop notifications are not working.

Is there any other settings to be done other than enabling desktop notifications in user profile

Can you post a screenshot of that red thing you mention?

Paste it here if you have trouble inserting it here in the forums:

Another thing, you say “email alerts are working” - exactly which alerts are these? If you set a reminder for an upcoming meeting, for example, do you get the reminder email later on?

please find the link of the screen shot .

also, my email reminders are running, if i create a planned meeting,
i get the email remider as per set in the activity creation .


Your screen doesn’t look right. You can compare it to the live demo that has your same version:

The checkboxes aren’t showing. Try running a few repairs from Admin / Repair, and clearing any caches.

And try other browsers to see if it works.

i had done the quick repair and the notifications worked.

But i had trouble , in managing my upgrade, so i downgraded the application to 7.9.17

in this version , again i am not able to start the desktop notifications.
have cheked with quick repairs , and other browser as well.

is it the issue in this version

i have attached the screen shot here

It is working.

I did some settings in the google chrome.
allowing the notifications from this website and it worked.

thank you