Der Ländername wird in Englisch angezeigt

Hallo zusammen,

Ich habe SuiteCRM 7.11.12 - Neuinstallation unter CentOS 8 mit PHP 7.3.15.

Wenn ich SuiteCRM mit Deutsch-Sprachpaket verwende und einen Kontakt bearbeite, wird das Land der Hauptadresse in Deutsch (Deutschland) angezeigt.

In der Detailansicht wird das Land jedoch in Englisch (GERMANY) angezeigt.


Erlebst du das gleiche? Irgendwelche Vorschläge ?

It might be coming from here

but your language pack should be overriding that…

You might have access to it from Admin / Dropdown Editor, it’s called countries_dom. You can also search the files in the language pack for that name.

For en_us.lang.php I have the same for line 2287 ‘GERMANY’ => ‘GERMANY’,

For de_DE.lang.php I have on line 2332 ‘GERMANY’ => ‘DEUTSCHLAND’,

both seems correct. Also in DropDown editor shows correct:


But on Contact Detail View it shows Germany, on Contact Edit View it shows Deutschland for the previously saved contact.

When I try to create a new contact, Country list shown in German(because it is Edit View), I select DEUTSCHLAND and save.

When it returns to Detail View after save I see country as GERMANY in Primary Adress.


I have applied Country DropDown customisation but I think it is for Edit View only.

This sure looks like a bug, maybe you can report it on GitHub (if after searching, you don0t find it there already)


I wanted to first check with German users which probably are experiencing already if it is a bug.

I wanted to be sure that if it is common to all users which are using the SuiteCRM with German interface or this issue specific to my installation.

I think this case would be realized by other German users if it is a common case. So, just want to wait a bit to get some more feedback.

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Today I performed a new test installation 7.11.12 and just installed DE Language pack after SuiteCRM clean installation and not performed the country drop down customisation.

I think this is because of the country drop down customisation.

When country dropdown customisation applied:

List view is correct:


Detail View is Incorrect

Edit View is Correct:

When the customisation not applied: All the views show “USA” for the country code, not changing with interface language.

So any ideas for customisation of detail view, what should be missing in ?

When I check thoroughly I see that only the Edit View is changed and List View is adjusted and Filter touched(but not working) but detail view is not customised/explained in the article. So I need to find a way to correct this with customisation.

As the Country information is still not a dropdown after so many years, this is not a bug from SuiteCRM base but a bug after Country DropDown customisation applied.

Just one more vote for having Country as a dropdown.

Have you tried doing an analogous change in

./include/SugarFields/Fields/Address/en_us.DetailView.tpl ?

Copying to custom and changing the relevant part of the code…

Will try so and share soon.

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Today I had some time to look for it but see that DetailView.tpl has some different and very basic HTML data formatting/generating code and not like EditView. I guess it gets some data from view.php of module and it gets something from Smarty of module(accounts ie). In EditView it works on country itself in DetailView it works on complete address something like prepared before DetailView, if I’m not wrong.

I need some more info to achive, do you have some recommendation for that ?


It makes sense that the Detail view is simpler, it can just use the aggregated field.

I am a bit confused about what needs to be achieved in the Detail view, can you please explain a little better?

it’s probably just a matter of finding the place in the code where the view is being set up, where the data is being prepared with Smarty->assign before being rendered with the tpl.