Deprecated errors on dashboard and Smarty errors elsewhere

Having installed version 8 from the download - see previous post, I can get into the system without any problem, login but the Home screen dashboard doesn’t display, just a host of errors- see screengrab.

However, the Accounts, Contacts and other tabs all work fine and display the demo data from the install. elsewhere, mainly in admin, the displays are fine but when I try to add users, for example, I get a Smarty error. I am assuming that these may all be linked and there is something I need to change. I updated the PHP.INI file to set the default to off for the display errors but this just stopped me logging in and came up with an error once I opened the URL.

All help gratefully received. Windows install by the way, not Linux.

Screengrab below.

Please check your php error_reporting. it should match the one given in the documentation

Thanks Abu. I already had this set in the PHP.ini file of the server. So still the same. I am wondering if I am starting up the app correctly but the Virtual host setup looks OK in the vhosts config file.

Puzzled and frustrating as the errors give no clue. I have checked permissions but as this is a Windows server install, permissions should not be an issue as far as I know.

It appears that with the app, when things don’t go as per the documentation, fixing is trial and error. Hopefully, I can find the issue and fix it.

Problem solved.

Deprecated errors and array errors.
The major issue was a PHP compatibility error. I was using PHP version 8.0.26 in WAMP. I changed this to v7.4.33 and after stopping and restarting all WAMP services (Apache, PHP and MySQL in our case), the login was perfect, dashboard errors all gone and the array errors all cleared also. Display was fine and all banner functions work fine. The only errors remaining were in the User dropdown. Profile and User Admin in Administration generated terminal Smarty errors.

Terminal Errors.
I followed the paths logically and found that in the legacy PHP.ini file, I had made a very small change in my desperation to fix these yesterday. This also seemed to cause an issue, although couldn’t see why (possibly using a syntax that was incompatible with the smarty compiler). I deleted the line added, as not necessary, flushed the cache and restarted all services and guess what ? it all now works.
I am now going to go into test mode and checking things like the email service, which seems to have a few issues, though not PHP, more functional, which could be the coding.

Many thanks for your assistance.

The setting you need to change in your php.ini is display_errors. I advise to put that to false. This will prevent future issues. And sometimes those on-screen PHP errors actually cause more trouble, breaking screens, etc.