Deprecated error making metting - add assistants

making a meeting in the suitecrm module for that purpose, specifically adding the wizard system did not allow me to add assistants any user or employee previously configured in the system.

reviewing the code and tracking it I found this error message that could not add attendees

<b> Deprecated </ b>: Non-static method SecurityGroup :: getGroupWhere () should not be called statically in <b> /data/SugarBean.php </ b> on line <b > 3089 </ b> <br />

what is the best solution for this warning and other than to disable the warnings

You’re making us guess your version of OS, PHP, SuiteCRM…

tested in

SuiteCRM 7.9.6
PHP Version 5.6.31 and php 7
Xammp o windows and linux server

in both case same mistake

i fix this error whit this code, the class its not singleton so i put here for your review

                $group_obj = new SecurityGroup();
                $group_where = $group_obj->getGroupWhere($this->table_name, $this->module_dir, $current_user->id);
                //$group_where = SecurityGroup::getGroupWhere($this->table_name, $this->module_dir, $current_user->id);


Interesting. Can you try reproducing this on the live demo?

That way we can check if this is a bug on a clean install… thanks

I have been using suitecrm since version 7.8.5 and update it to version7.9.6, thinking that the error would be solved

in the i can Add Invitees without problems in metting modules

Can you try applying this fix to see if it solves your problem?

I didn’t test. Make a backup of the file before changing it. If it breaks anything, go back to the original.

yes that work

Can you please propose that change on Github so the bug is fixed for everybody? Do you know how to start a Pull Request?

nop i dont know how do that … what i have to do ?

For this kind of simple edit, and since you don’t seem to have any git experience, I would try this method from GitHub:

Make sure you select the correct branch before navigating to the file and starting the edit. That branch should be hotfix-7.8.x., so basically this is the file you need to edit:

I could easily do that myself but I prefer to help other people get acquainted with this process, it’s part of building this Community.

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