Deprecated error making metting add assistants

making a meeting in the suitecrm module for that purpose, specifically adding the wizard system did not allow me to add assistants any user or employee previously configured in the system.

reviewing the code and tracking it I found this error message that could not add attendees

Deprecated: Non-static method SecurityGroup::getGroupWhere() should not be called statically in /home/juridica/public_html/legal/data/SugarBean.php on line 3089

what is the best solution for this warning and other than to disable the warnings

i fix this error whit this code the clas its not singleton so i put here for your review

                $group_obj = new SecurityGroup();
                $group_where = $group_obj->getGroupWhere($this->table_name, $this->module_dir, $current_user->id);
                //$group_where = SecurityGroup::getGroupWhere($this->table_name, $this->module_dir, $current_user->id);