Deposits in contracts

I need to add the ability to add a deposit amount to a contract. What would the best way to do this? Does anyone else have this option programmed and how did you do it?

I guess we could add “deposit” as a product and add that to each contract but it seems like a bit of a work around.

Isn’t this a simple field that you add to the module in Studio?

  • create new field to hold amount in deposit
  • add that field to edit view
  • add that field to detail view
  • add that field to list view if you want it to appear there

We have something similar inside Invoices

Deposit %= Dropdown
- 10%
- 25%
- 50%

Deposit Amount = £
Deposit Due Date = Date

You can use AOW calculated fields to work out the deposit amount from the grand total field

Seems to work well for us :slight_smile:

  • We also added these fields to the PDF template for the invoice

Thanks, that seems like a good way to do what I want.

I haven’t used calculated fields yet so I will have to dig into the documentation and learn how to use them.