Deploying SuiteCRM


I need to set up CI and CD for SuiteCRM.
Now the question is, which files that are maybe in the .gitignore are important for deployment or can i just checkout the git repo on the server? I havent seen much code so i dont really now how suite handles configuration.


SuiteCRM is not really ready for this but I’ve seen people discussing it in previous threads. Any progress would be welcome on this front…

This blog post is about SugarCRM but it will give you an idea of the challenges involved:

Basically there are three major hurdles:

  • SuiteCRM as it comes out of Git is not the same as the app after installation. The installer does a LOT of stuff (there is an automated installer, though).

  • SuiteCRM changes itself. Users can go into Studio and it will create new PHP files.

  • SuiteCRM’s customizations are divided between files (like vardefs, layouts, etc) and database

I’d say it’s easier to create an automated initial install, it’s harder to keep a customized, deployed app up to date with changes from git…

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so the workflow would be ‘checkout from git, run installer and import db’?

Probably yes, but the workflow for what? You didn’t really describe what you are trying to achieve.

Another option to consider is to have the installed version up on a repo, but I’ve never done it that way…