Deploying Suite CRM on Azure and Migrating the data as well


I have Suite CRM currently running on my system. I want to move it on Azure so that it can be accessed by more people.
Can you please tell me the pre-requisites and then steps to do that.

Right now I do have data and multiple users (apart from Admin) in Suite CRM that sits on my system. I need to move that bit as well.

Please advice.


The general migration procedure is like this:

  • install SuiteCRM in Azure, in the same version you ahve in your current system
  • export the database from one side, import in the other
  • copy the “custom” and “upload” directories if you have anything there
  • do a quick repair and rebuild

I have a short guide for Ubuntu 16.04 which is available on Azure:

Before that, you’ll have to start with

apt install lamp-server^

(that ^ is on purpose)

I did a test installation on Azure a few months ago and it went quite well, easy.

pgr has mentioned the right approach.
Also please don’t forget to set the appropriate permissions.