Deleted Cron Job from Scheduler

Hi there!

I have SuiteCRM on a bitnami stack on google.

I deleted one of the preloaded “Schedulers” documents one to be specific. I did not deactivate it before deleting it in the scheduler. The cron is still running even though I deleted it (I’m guessing because I did not deactivate it first). I need to figure out how to find it on the server, or some other way to deactivate it.



Welcome to community!

Do you have access to database?
If Yes. You should:

  1. Connect to your database.
  2. Find the record in table schedulers
  3. Change value in column deleted from 1 to 0
  4. Deactivate the task in Scheduler of SuiteCRM
  5. Delete the task.

Hey p.konetskiy, thanks for the comment. For some reason it didn’t email me that someone had made a comment. That was the answer that I needed! Thanks again!