Delete test data that came with initial installation

Is there any way to set the crm back to original, without the test data?

I don’t think there’s any automatic way, no… sorry :frowning:

These appear to be the files you need to look at to get a notion of what data is there:

[/var/www/html] $ ls install | grep -i 'demo\|seed'

Or, just go into accounts, contacts, quotations, employees, and just delete them manually?

Yes, the point of looking at those files is just to get a more complete notion of what is added as test data. But it’s not that much, so maybe you’ll be fine with just removing the most obtrusive bits from the modules you use.

Also, for English speaking businesses sometimes there might be doubts on whether a certain record is demo data or real data, and you’ll need to check; for other languages this will be more obvious.

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