Delete table content job_queue

Hi everyone, perhaps a trivial question to many, but since I realised that the job_queue table has become very large (hundreds of MB), I wanted to ask you if it is possible to delete its contents directly from the DB, does this cause any problems? Can I safely delete it? Thank you

There’s a query for that in this post

Thanks for the reply pgr, but I don’t understand whether or not I can delete the content:
“If you see a very large job_queue table, you might want to purge it. I’ve used this query to look at old job_queue entries”

Make a backup of that table, in case of any doubts, but you should be more than ok, this is low risk.
You can run the select query to check which records it’s selecting; adjust the time interval if you want; then swap the select * to a delete and it will do what you need.

OK, thank you very much