Delete Security Groups in Workflow

When I create a record in a module, I assign it to a security group (Security Group 1).

Then, I have a workflow that, if a dropdown changes its value (from New to Assigned), it assigns it to another security group (Security Group 2).

(At this point, the record has 2 security groups - “Security Group 1” and “Security Group 2”.)

I want to achieve that when the dropdown changes its value again (from Assigned to New), the “Security Group 2” is removed and only “Security Group 1” remains, but the workflow module doesn’t have the option to delete that relationship.

How could I solve it?

you can always utilize logic hooks, they are a powerful alternative whenever workflows can’t do the trick:

they allow you to fire any custom code when specific events are triggered, e.g. before or after saving a record. to modify the relationships of a record, you should also read this article:

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Thank u @crmspace .

I knew about Logic Hooks, i wanted to know if i could to do that withouth programming. But i think it’s the better option.