Delete relationship from Wotkflow

Is it possible to delete relationship between two modules by workflow? I see the way how to delete record from module 1 or module 2, but i dont need to delete this records, i need to delete relationship.


I don’t think you can achieve that with workflow, but with logic hooks you can

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My case is: data updates directly in the database, so my business logic from logic hook doesnt work, and I try move this logic to workflow to run it by schedule, so i see only one way. that workflow will activate logichook by changing dummy value.

  1. Updating data directly in the database (many records updated, it is too slow to update them from sugarbeen)
  2. Scheduled workflow will implement business logic and change some value
  3. Changing value in step 2 will activate aftersave logic hook that will delete relationship

Only this way?

if you’re doing all things by database directly, why don’t you just delete the relationship too?

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I have external data that i need to insert/updated in the CRM. But I would still like to keep all business logic on the CRM side.