Delete all targets

Hello, I hope someone here can help me with this problem. I have 249,511 targets in my database. I just finished connecting my pbx to suitecrm. In order for the click to dial and call pop to work correctly I need to re-import my targets as the phone format is xxx-xxx-xxxx using hyphens. the dial plan in my pbx, freepbx/twillio, will not work with this. I want empty the table from phpmyadmin but would like to make sure what tables I need to empty. I see;

1.aod_indexevent with 260,029

2.prospects with 259,688

3.prospects_cstm with 258,932

Does anyone know what tables need to be emptied? Thanks in advance for any help!!


To truncate data of Target module, you need to delete record of table.

  1. prospects
  2. prospects_cstm

What about the relationship between email address?