Default user for 'Assigned To' field in Case creation

I have set up a workflow that will create a task assigned to a user whenever a case has been assigned to them, and that is working.
However, I want all cases to be assigned to Administrator when first created.
Right now, the default assigned to is whichever user created the case. I want all cases to be assigned to administrator, then administrator can edit the case and assign it to someone else - at that point creating a task for that person related to the case.

I know the AOP settings have this option easily accessible, but that only works if the case is created through the portal.

Any suggestions?

Here is my workflow:

Thank you all for your support

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Have you tried to create a simple workflow that changes “Assigned to” to the Administrator upon creation of a Case? because you workflow at the moment is just creating a task, not touching anything in the Cases module

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Good idea, I’ll give it a shot

Thanks again

So I created that workflow you suggested and created a test case.

The workflow did assign the case to administrator, but the case to task workflow still created a task for the user that created it

Here’s the Workflow:

So those two workflows didn’t flow together the way I wanted, because it would still create a task for whatever user created the case while at the same time assigning the case to administrator.

So I set assigned user workflow to Only on Save, and only on new records.
Set the case to task workflow to only on modified records.

I also added that a task would be created for administrator on case creation since the new records wouldn’t trigger the case to task workflow3.

So we have this on case creation:

And this on case modification (if assigned user was changed):

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oops, forgot the assigned to field in the Create Task action. It’s there now, but I’m not going to screenshot again unless requested