Default date in custom fields

Hi again,

I’m harping on about dates again. I’m really struggling with this.

I created a custom entry to be included in a date field, where the field options are “today”, “yesterday” and so on. The entry didn’t populate in the drop down and if selected this “ghost” entry just broke everything…I had to reinstall SuiteCRM again. I actually used a backup of the entire server to get back to where I was. Not at all ideal.

My need seems to be a simple enough one on paper, but it’s proving to be a somewhat impossible mountain to climb.

I need a custom field that contains today’s date. Not static, but today’s date, the system time…and I need another field that defaults to the end of the previous month. For example, we’re now in January 2018, I’m looking for a field that will default to the end of the previous month, in this case the end of December 2017. The values in these fields get passed via a generated URL as parameters to an external SSRS site and displays the relevant (report) page in an iframe. I don’t want the dates (values) to be static. So a user opens the tab in this case, containing the iframe and its populated with the relevant report because the dates are dynamically set. If this is a clear as mud let me know as I really need a solution.

I’ve been “Googling” this for weeks and the I’m not getting anywhere…any help will be greatfully received.

Thanks in advance