Default dashlets for Users Homepage

I’ve had some installation issues with DashboardManager in the past but the need for such a tool has not gone away. In the context of SuiteCRM can anyone please advise on how best to create a set of homepage dashlets for each user. Even being able to easily modify the default set of homepage dashlets would be a nice step forward.


Hi Andrew,

Thank you for this suggestion.



Yes, we would also be very interested if there was an alternative.
We are still on sugarcrm professional 6.5.16 but have so many issues with dashboard manager we are about to uninstall it.
It seemed to be ok in the beginning but then things started falling apart.
The key problem for us started with the size of the fields - the plugin only catered for customisations that could be saved as text, instead of mediumtext, so everything was getting truncated.

Currently evaluating suitecrm.