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Hi, I’m new to suitecrm - liking what I see so far…

Just wondered if it’s possible to create/set a default dashboard/home page order?

I would like specific dashlets to be displayed in a particular order for all users - without having to manually order them.

Is this possible?

Thank yuo

Hi geps,

Not without customisations. See this forum topic which may help.



Will, that link is dead.

And is this still true or have new solutions been implemented since?

web archive of said thread.

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Is it now, in Feb 2018, as an admin, possible to create/set a default dashboard/home page order for all users?

Thank you,
New User

Sorry, no, not as an out-of-the-box UI functionality.

There’s an add-on for that, search the SuiteCRM Store.

What I would do is simply create it for one user and then copy it directly in the database to all other users.