Debugging development in suitecrm

Hi guys, whilst I come from a .net background Ive started toying with extending my suitecrm.

My debugging consists of sending logging messages and running, I’ve seen xdebug being bought up at times, not really using PHP environments is there a debugging tutorial out there in respect to suitecrm.

I assume I’ll need to set up a local copy of my instance also

Thanks in advance


if you use xampp and xdebug, the setup is quite easy:

if you’re unsure which .dll to use, here is a test wizard:

So far, I find convinient enough to use is xdebug + phpstorm. Just go the phpstorm’s setting and type ‘xdebug’ in search field, then tips will help you. In short: install xdebug on your dev server; install addon in your browser; start listening in IDE; start debugging session from browser; PROFIT.
Be warn, in order to use xdebug, you need keep files on your dev server and local copy (which you edit in phpstorm) in sync. This can be tricky if you love to swtich between heavily different git branches.

(I assume from your message that you already know this, so it is just for full answer.)
There is also “suitecrm.log” file in the root project directory.
Watching it for [FATAL] type messages - is a very good idea. Especially at the production server, so you can immediately detect if/when something goes wrong. Watch it by ‘tail’, or by some other fancy tool - your choice.
And naturally you can log messages by yourself, here is the docs:

You can set up php so it will log php errors into a separate log file. Google for “how to enable php error log”.

This is like minimum suite to watching and/or debugging your system, IMO.

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