Debian 8 SuiteCRMv7.7.9 to Debian 10 (php5 to 7) migration

I have a working installation v. 7.79 on Debian 8 (vm on hyper v). This installation has custom changes to forms and data such as yes/no box for holiday cards, among other things.
I want to put this on Debian 10 with php 7. I started by creating a brand new installation, latest version, then I brought over the database. All appears to work. But, not surprisingly, the custom form fields aren’t there. I tried copying entire contents of …/suitecrm from Debian 8 to Debian 10. That didn’t work (even after quick fix a couple of times). I tried to upgrade on the Debian 8 machine, that didn’t work (because of php5 I think).

Any ideas of other ways to get those custom form fields over to the new installation? Thanks.

I found that the latest version uses a pop-out filter instead of the search function from previous version. It wasn’t much work to redo the forms using studio. All is now running and subject may be closed.