Deactivate user profile edit for Regular User


ervery normal user is able to edit his own profile. How can i disable this?

via Role is it not possible. The user Field (maybe the right field for this?) ist not selectable (if this is the the right field).

Problem is that a user is able to change his e-mail adress and could get informations (for example 2-factor Auth Code) to an mail adresses outside the company.


  1. Manualy
  • copy modules/Employees/metadata/editviewdefs.php to custom/modules/Employees/metadata/editviewdefs.php
  • remove all superfluous field
  1. Use Studio
  • Change form edit of Employees module

For both variant
Admin -> Repair -> Quick Repair and Rebuild


thanks, but will this not change the fuction for every user (also admin?). Is there no way to limit the acces to the profile (based on role for example)?


  1. If you change editview form it will be worked for all user.
  2. You can use role but it will work for all fields of editview form (Employees module) only.


but Problem is that I´ll want to deactivate it only for specific users. I want to prevent that a user could change his company e-mail adress to an private one. Is there no plan to fix this in a future Release?

At the Moment you can´t deactivate it (all) via Role Management - or what ist the name of the Topic in Role Management? I can´t find it.

I can´t believe that no one other have this Problem?


You can use different forms for different user/role. look at this posts. It wil be work for editview too.

One of form can be by dafault but other can have type=readonly for the adress field.

oh thanks, I´ll try this! :slight_smile: