dateTime is not displaying seconds

i am using suitecrm Version 7.11.5

in suitecrm, i am not able to view the date with seconds, and also in the locale setting, the time format doesn’t have the seconds . pls find the attachent for reference.

Do you need to show ALL datetime fields with Seconds? or you need to show only one specific field in your module?

i need to show all datetime fields in all kinds of layouts such as listview, detailview and edit view. and also if you explain me , how to customize the datetime field in a particular module, it would be much helpful.

There are two things you can do to make it Work. First in the config.php file change the value as follows

'default_time_format' => 'h:i:sa',

Secondly a dirty hack that i did is to change a One Code file used to display date time.

In the core file include/TimeDate.php there is a function called get_time_format
You can set the value by replacing the line

 $timef = $user->getPreference('timef');


$timef = 'h:i:sa';

Please note that this is NOT an upgrade safe and correct method but as we also have set the Value in Config, l would expect CRM User Preferences picks that format as sets the format for all new users.

@cherub-chum, will make a try and let you know