DateTime Format using Workflow is wrong format

Hello, i have the Problem, that the Workflow Module should send E-Mails based on an Datetime field.

In the E-Mail is the datetime Value used to show the Appointment Date. The Problem is: The first E-Mail which is direct send, based on the trigger saved record hast the right datetime format.

The Appointment Reminder E-Mail has a different, wrong value.

Can anybody help me with an idea hot to fix this?

Thank you

Hey there

Would you be able to clarify a few things to make it easier to try to replicate?

Regarding the first “direct send” email, do you mean that this email is sent via the Emails module?
Or by specifying an Email address in the Workflow’s Actions?

How does this differ from the 2nd “Appointment Reminder” email?

Does the 2nd one fire on a different workflow or the same workflow, but with another method of sending?
Or do you mean the “Reminder” email that’s used on the activities modules?
(ie Calls/Meetings)

Workflows can run from two contexts: the app (when saving or editing records) and from schedulers, which run from PHP CLI.

Each has a separate date.timezone setting, you probably only set one of them.

Run this in the command line to see the CLI setting:

php -i | grep timezone

And this to know which file you need to change:

php -i | grep php.ini

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And what if you don’t have access to the ini file?

Shared hostings won’t grant you access to the php.ini is the entire server, but they often provide ways for you to tweak your own options.

Like putting a php.ini with just one or two settings in the root of your area, and it gets checked and picked up by them.

If you don’t have any way to make these settings, I recommend you change your hosting…

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