DateTime Conversion Error in Log

since when I installed SuiteCRM on my server I see, in the log, the following entry multiple times,
I tried to apply all kind of solutions that already have been discussed on this forum but this line keeps appearing hundreds of times in the log:

Fri Apr 24 12:58:03 2020 [14755][1][ERROR] fromUser: Conversion of 2020-04-24 10:58:02 from user format Y-m-d H:i failed

I already tried the following:

  • Quick Repair
  • Change TimeZone in Php.INI
  • Change TimeZone and DateTime configuration in config.php
  • Change TimeZone from GlobalConfigurations in Admin control panel (which is the same as config.php)

With no results.

This is my SuiteCRM instance configuration:

Version 7.11.13
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Version 344)

Server Configuration:

PHP Version 7.2.13

#Default timezone UTC

php.ini Configuration:

; Default date format.
ibase.dateformat = ā€œ%Y-%m-%dā€

; Default time format.
ibase.timeformat = ā€œ%H:%M:%Sā€

Any solutions found, I have the same issue on a fresh install and upgrade to 7.13 (from 7.12).Seems to be an error from the start.

My system is on Virtualmin if it makes a difference