Date Range Search

This must be easy, because I don’t find anyone else asking about it, but how does one go about creating a date range search instead of a specific date? I have a custom field called mlstn_date… and I want to be able to use the advanced search to show records between 10/1/2014 and 10/31/2014 for example. I would also like to use ranges on reports and workflows, but I haven’t tried that yet.


Hi Drew,

Set ‘Enable Range Search’ to true for the field in Studio.



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I looked for that, because I have it for numerical and currency fields… but alas, not for my date field.


I am having this same issue.
Date field - Set to enable range search in studio
No luck in Reports.

We have this requirement as well.

Or a way to do a report by selecting a range between two dates

If this is not possible at the moment is there anything else we can try?

I am having this same issue - custom date range.
it´s very important for sales managment.

Checkout kReports. They’re kindof expensive, but the free version might do everything you need. I know you can do a date range, or for example say you want to see dates within the last 14 days for example.

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Tried Will’s suggestion and works perfectly fine in SuiteCRM v7.10.10