Date range filter in Report is not working.

Hi All,

I am using Version 7.10.4, with this version, I am facing issue on report. With the filter parameter of as date interval it is not working properly.
Also with the period option data is not coming properly, it i select period as yesterday it is showing today’s data also.

Kindly suggest on the same. Attaching here the report configuration and sample output.

Thanks in advance…!!!


Can you upgrade to 7.10.7?

There were a few issues with dates in Reports (you can search GitHub for them), I believe they are solved in the newest versions.

Hi Milind. Did pgr’s suggestion solve the issue? Thanks!


Milind Chafekar.


I have update with the latest SuieCRM version to 7.10.7 but facing the same issue… :frowning:

Milind Chafekar

Please search GitHub trying to find the exact Issue where this is reported, and post a comment there saying you’re also suffering from the same.

If it doesn’t exist yet, please open a new Issue reporting it. Thanks.


Even i came across with similar issue. Date Range Parameters does not work between two date range like Date Created: Greater Then 1-1-2019 ANd Less than or equal to 28-02-2019 … Or I am using a wrong parameters to do so?
Any solution?
Any advice from the past experiences ???