Date Picker Not Working on Create Opportunity Page (Google Chrome)

On the create opportunity page the date picker isn’t working for me in Google Chrome. it is however working on other pages. It appears to be a Google Chrome specefic issue


Which date picker is this?

I assume it is the “Expected Close Date” ?

If so, this works for me in Chrome as expected. (Tested in SuiteCRM 7.5)

What version of SuiteCRM are you currently running?
Do you have any custom modules installed that might affect opportunities or Date fields? (i.e. Ones installed via Admin > module loader)

I had this same issue if there’s a date picker in a sub panel with the same name as the main module.

Example, you’re in Opportunities, inside you have a Date field with the name “date”. In the bottom of the screen you have another module, in a subpanel because is related to Opportunities and there’s also a Date field with the name “date”, this won’t show the date picker popup.

I think it is related to the Javascript that’s calling the same field name.