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Date Picker not showing "ToDay"

Date Picker now showing TOday and shows UNDEFINED instead

Having “undefined” usually indicates that the labels haven’t been pulled through. This is often a permissions issue. Are you able to refresh your instance’s permissions and then refresh your browser cache.

Thank you Samus for the Reply

I have given 777 permissions to all folder and tried in incognito window too but it did not worked. Actually Iam very new to Suit CRM and not sure how exactly to do this.

Hi @NaliniPHP,

Welcome to the community! :tada:

There are a few issues that may lead to this;


If this is not the issue likely a rewrite path in public/.htaccess or public/legacy/.htaccess does not correctly point to your instance (Rewrite could also be off)

Let us know if you have any luck :+1:

Thankyou for you suggestion Mac . It works now

Thankyou, Samus It works Now.