Date modification not updated on contact when remove in Accont subpanel


All the question is one the subject
someone can help me to add a modification date update when remove on sub panel ?

Thank you

Sorry, it’s not understandable.

You remove what on which subpanel?


When you are on Account Page you can see the related contact with some action like “Create”, “Select” on top left and “Edit”, “Remove” on right side

If I add a contact whit the Select button, The date_modified was change but If I Remove a contacts the date_modification on Contact not affected

It is more clear ?

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Yes, it’s more clear, thank you.

So what you’re removing is the relationship between the Account and the Contact.

And you would want the date_modified to be updated on both sides, on the Account and Contact?

No just for the contacts

I have a process check all modified contact so if the contact lost the relationship between account I need to update the date_modification

The date_modified was updated when I add new contact but not updated when I remove the relationship.

If you really have to go fix it in code, you could probably do it easily in a “after_relationship_delete” logic hook.

I wonder if this is a bug in the product itself. It could be argued that it isn’t (although the fact that the update happens on creation, but not on removal, seems incoherent).

Technically a relationship is not in the same database table as the contact data, and no contact data is written when the relationship changes, so the modified_date of contact doesn’t necessarily change…

I think is not normal, because you have the virtual field “Account Name” on Contact so if you remove this relationship you can figure update the contact information so the date_modification.

If the date change on assign why the same relation not affected when remove it.