Date conversion issue

For some reason I can’t get the call popup to work. The error that shows up is as follows:
convert: Conversion of 09/09/2016 17:30 from Y-m-d H:i:s to d/m/Y H:i failed.
there are no other errors
I have checked the file permissions but I still get this error.
I have noticed that when setting up the call information it seems to reflect correctly on the screen but not when it is suppose to popup
anyone know what could be happening

I’m getting this error as well, but not sure in what context.

Tue Dec 20 15:17:47 2016 [15321][7098c295-4ea7-26fe-af1d-4dda14b75350][ERROR] convert: Conversion of [this_year] from d.m.Y H:i to Y-m-d failed

Any ideas?