Databse connection erro

I installed SuiteCrm in a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS local machine with internet access.

I followed this tutorial for installation.

But I am getting the below error when setting up suite crm on browser.

The provided database host, username, and/or password is invalid, and a connection to the database could not be established. Please enter a valid host, username and password Unable to check database version.

I have also attached the screenshot.
Additionally, I have even tried creating a new database and it didn’t work. Also, tried changing the hostname from “localhost” to “local-ip” and creatin g a user in the same manner in mysql as user@local-ip and even that didn’t work. Also, tried adding listen=80 in ports.conf file to see if its a port issue, but that didn’t fix the problem as well.

Please suggest me where I’m going wrong.

Can you connect to the database directly from the server or using an application such as phpmyadmin?

From the error, your credentials you are specifying on install are incorrect.