Database Password for Database User in SuiteCRM VM image

Hello everyone, a few months ago I’ve Download de VM image for SuiteCRM Appliance, we start it and begins our tests.
One of the topics we want to test is the access to the database to extract data to our BI system.

How can We know what is the default user and possword in the VM to access the database?
anyone knows what is it?

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If your SuiteCRM can connect to the database correctly, then you will find the credentials in your config.php

Of course you can only get to that if you Administrator on the VM.

Thanks for your response.
I try to obtain the password from the config.php file but is encrypted and i can’t desencrypt it. Is another way or some way to see the password not encrypted?

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I don’t think it’s encrypted. I think it’s just weird. Have you tried it, as it is?