Database handling to deploy custom module packages in Production?


I have created two new custom modules and needs to deploy in Production -

My approach

  1. Take Instance Backup
  2. Take Database Backup of Size 70+GB which requires 2-3 hrs downtime
  3. Install the packages on one node (Load Balancer) and also all nodes pointing to only one DB.
  4. Once package deployed on one node by using rsync command move the files to other node.

Here , my question is with out taking backup of whole database or taking only DB structure how to deploy packages and insert new tables and also if anything goes wrong how to handle as we didn’t took backup of whole database?

Is there any other approach to minimize downtime?

Please suggest…

Hi Vijay,

It is always a best practice and recommended approach to take backup of production system before deploying any code changes and as this is a custom module deployment, it also involves database changes.
I recommend you to take a complete backup of your database and codebase before deployment.


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I think u have to take the complete database backup to make sure that data will not be lost if anything goes wrong while deploying the new modules.

Taking backup of just database structure doesn’t make any sense.