Database Failure


My version is 7.10.11.

I have checked data/Link2.php file. Those 2 parentheses are already there.

Any modules are not loading well. Screenshot attached.

If I disable, AJAX for the specific module then it opens well but subpanels are still not loading and gives db error.

Here is the link to the images.


Hi. I moved this to a new topic, it’s hard to know what is going on with dozens of people involved.

What are the errors you see in your logs?

What changed before you started getting this error? An upgrade, a migration…?

What was recently changed? did you build new modules or any upgrades?

Thanks, @pgr, and @Ashish for your message.

Actually, my error log error was,

Mon Apr  1 10:59:41 2019 [28039][1][FATAL] Mysqli_query failed.
Mon Apr  1 10:59:41 2019 [28039][1][FATAL] Error updating table: reminders: Query Failed: UPDATE reminders
					SET `name`='',`date_modified`='2019-04-01 10:59:41',`modified_user_id`='1',`created_by`='e8524157-3cdc-1407-f542-5a93f9d0362d',`description`=NULL,`assigned_user_id`='',`popup`=1,`email`=0,`email_sent`=0,`timer_popup`='60',`timer_email`='3600',`related_event_module`='Meetings',`related_event_module_id`='f24d2b2f-a4a6-4c66-bb87-5c9ddda37c65',`date_willexecute`=2272190400,`popup_viewed`=0
					 WHERE = '1775363d-be5b-5e19-e94d-5c9dddc38de6' AND deleted=0: MySQL error 1264: Out of range value for column 'date_willexecute' at row 1

I have changed the type of the field date_willexecute from int to varchar and my error got resolved.

Now, my question would be, will it change the behavior of my CRM?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think you should change data type. You should try to figure out why it is getting a wrong value in the first place.

I did a quick search and I would say it is coming from here

But I am not sure. Maybe you can find out by checking the “date start” of the meeting in your database, and by debugging that portion of the code…