Database Error?

I keep getting this error when trying to update a record. I recently moved servers but I believe my configuration is correct. I have also ran all the Administrative Repairs and verified the file permissions.

Mon Apr 7 15:39:13 2014 [32226][1][FATAL] Error updating table: contacts: Query Failed: UPDATE contacts
SET date_modified=‘2014-04-07 20:39:13’,modified_user_id=‘1’,created_by=‘1’,description=NULL,assigned_user_id=‘1’,salutation=NULL,first_name=‘Suzie’,last_name=‘Hussman’,title=NULL,department=NULL,do_not_call=0,phone_home=NULL,phone_mobile=NULL,phone_work=NULL,phone_other=NULL,phone_fax=NULL,primary_address_street=NULL,primary_address_city=NULL,primary_address_state=NULL,primary_address_postalcode=NULL,primary_address_country=NULL,alt_address_street=NULL,alt_address_city=NULL,alt_address_state=NULL,alt_address_postalcode=NULL,alt_address_country=NULL,assistant=NULL,assistant_phone=NULL,lead_source=NULL,reports_to_id=’’,birthdate=NULL,campaign_id=’’,joomla_account_id=NULL,portal_account_disabled=0,portal_user_type=‘Single’,=NULL
WHERE = ‘c572bc67-c4d5-b930-45d9-532b78961411’ AND deleted=0: MySQL error 1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘=NULL
WHERE = ‘c572bc67-c4d5-b930-45d9-532b78961411’ AND dele’ at line 2

I also went as far as going through the installer and setting

‘installer_locked’ => false,

then going through all the steps except the last one to verify all dependencies were in place

Hi cade,

The generated SQL has a missing field name.
“…portal_user_type=‘Single’,[color=#ff0000]=NULL[/color] WHERE…”

Is there a customisation that did not survive when you changed servers/re-installed?



Hi Cade,

Known error, fix is here:


THat fixed it, thanx