Database connection error after installing suitecrm V 8-3-1

It does not connect to my mariadb v 10.9.8. I’m sure all the credentials are correct. I’m using RHEL 8 and PHP 8. Please advice thank you

Look for a .env file in your root.

This file will tell you which environment you’re running (local, test, dev or, most likely: prod).

Then look for the corresponding file such as, you should find a MySQL connection string there, fix it.

There are similar settings for legacy in public/legacy/config.php, look for a setting with database configs, I don’t recall exactly what it is called.

I tried searching for using the following command but couldn’t find it.
Here’s a screenshot:

Here’s a sc from /root/.env :

I meant the root of your SuiteCRM project, so it’s probably


which includes that APP_ENV=prod

which sends you looking for a MySQL connect string in


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I’m looking for but there is no such file. And there are many files with the name config.php (refer to sc attached above).

Solved it.

It was SE Linux issue

setenforce 0

Solved it :slight_smile:

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This is not a solution.
The solution would be, for example, to tell how to use ausearch to find hits on SELinux, understanding the hits, and allowing the action.

Disabling SELinux is layman work.