Database Backup on SUITEONDEMAND system

Hello all. I am trying to use the backup option in Admin to get copies of my databases, etc for offline testing and development. To the best of my knowledge, we have not FTP, File Manager, etc access to the SUITEONDEMAND system. When running the backup wizard, it either tells me my directories are not writeable, of just goes to a next screen and nothing happens.

HELP! =)


Since Support is included with the SuiteOnDemand subscription, We have logged a case for this.

You should receive an email detailing that the case has been created.

We are currently investigating this and will update/progress this issue via the Case.

Please let us know if you don’t receive this email, or if you have any questions!



Getting concerned here. No email, no data, no files. Really need them now.


Hi David,

We have been trying to get in touch via the Case logged for this.

Have you been receiving our Emails?
We sent a Case Update on: 25th May, 27th May, 1st June, regarding the following:

Due to differences in timezones, We were wondering if after 5pm BST would be a suitable timeframe to run the Backup?

Please let us know if this is suitable.


I had replied on 6/1 stating it was ok to proceed. I just found a bounce notice in my Clutter box in Outlook. Please go ahead and perform the backup as requested (i.e. all files and databases). I am starting to fall behind in my project. Thanks.