Database and Site Config

Hi all -

I am trying to install the latest release of SuiteCrm. When I get to the Database and Site configurations I get the following error:

The provided database host, username, and/or password is invalid, and a connection to the database could not be established. Please enter a valid host, username and password.

The host username and password is correct. I have tried every combination thinking I was doing something wrong. I am assuming the first user that I add to the database has admin rights - I even tried to set it up with the existing user - creating a new user too. Nothing works.

I have opened a ticket with my hosting provider because he said it should install because the proper information is being entered.

I am running on a Unix platform and the system passes the system check.

Can somebody give me a direction to go in? Is there a default admin password I do not know about or is it something in MySql I need to do?

Thanks much!!

Waiting to get this thing installed - Suite looks Sweet!!

Same here, I’m having the same issue… :frowning:


can you access to MySQL with another software like PhpMyAdmin or … ?
Do you put “localhost” or “”

Hi -

It finally got installed. I had my hosting provider take a look at it and am trying to find out what he did to correct the issue. When I find out I will post it.

I am having another issue trying to set up the email smtp settings. I am putting in the correct info - username and password - and it can’t connect to the smtp server. I get a msg saying:

Error:SMTP connect() failed.

I have read almost everything on the site and I am running PHP 5.5 and SuiteCrm 7.6.3

Nothing I try works…Any suggestions??