Data presented in list view doesn't match actual data of records

Problem: When I filter on a custom field in a module, something unusual happens.

The search results are accurate, meaning only the records that match the search query are displayed. However, the data shown in the list view does not match the actual data of the records.

For example, I have a custom enum field called “type” with possible values “A,” “B” and “C.” I open the list view and filter only on “type” with the value “A.”

The displayed records indeed all have type = A. However, the list view randomly shows values “B” and “C” for each record row. When you open such a record or look it up in the database, the type is correctly set to “A.”

But here’s the kicker: If I refresh the list view with search results, all data is displayed correctly.

What could be the issue? I’m no developer but can make my way around the code. Any help is much, much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

What I have checked:

  • SuiteCRM.log does not mention anything relevant.
  • Permissions are set to 2755 and 0644.
  • SuiteCRM 8.3.0 with no plug-ins or extensions
  • Ubuntu 22.04 and tried with PHP 8.0, 8.1 and 8.2
  • Happens in both Safari and Chrome; the console does not show anything unusual.

SuiteCRM 8.3 doesn’t support PHP 8.2

Hi pgr, thanks for your reply.
You are correct. However, the same behaviour occurs with PHP 8.0 and PHP 8.1.
PHP 8.2 was just the latest version I tried, sort of as a last resort.

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This is a bug: enum fields contain unexpect value after filtering listview in 8.3.0 · Issue #264 · salesagility/SuiteCRM-Core · GitHub that has a PR: fix #305 - Fix issue with dropdowns not displaying correctly in listviews/dashlets by JackBuchanan · Pull Request #356 · salesagility/SuiteCRM-Core · GitHub

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Wow, it seems I have to work on my Google skills then - I’ve tried almost anything but haven
't been able to find that GitHub page.

I accidentally marked your comment as the solution. Although it still might be the solution, I see no difference after manually applying the suggested code change :frowning:

If u want to see any changes, you must recompile angular UI: Front-end Developer Install Guide :: SuiteCRM Documentation

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