Data migration from v7 to v8


I’ve installed v8 and already upgraded 3 times, being now on v8.1 (for testing)

But I can’t find a conclusive method to migrate the data:

  1. On Q&A I read: “We are aiming to keep the difference minimal and provide any tools to assist with data migration.”

  2. When I first installed v8.01, assuming the differences were minimal as I had read, I simply backed-up my database from v7 and restored to v8.
    After finding a problem and reported it here, I was asked to file an issue on Github, which I did, and received a comment by @pgorod saying that:

“This doesn’t sound like a supported way of installing SuiteCRM… at all.”

So, what is the supported way, please?

I hope it’s not typing it in again :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you.

The roadmap was updated recently and says that v7 to v8 migration path will come with 8.2 in June 2022:

Yes, I’ve seen that but thought there was a way around until then. Isn’t there?

Of course you could import some modules but you risk leaving out important information, I guess.

So, if you have anything but a very small database and don’t want to waste your time typing, there’s no way to use v8 until June, hopefully, is it?

Thank you.

I wouldn’t advise any upgrades from 7 to 8 before the official upgrader comes out, because I’d say chances are 85% that something will break. This is just a number I’m throwing in the air, nothing scientific :slight_smile:

So if you’re gambling your company on a 85% chance of success, that is a bad move. but if it’s a smaller thing, a simple database, and you’re running this in a clone where you can test, and your processes seem to work… sure, go ahead and try it.

Basically what I am saying is that if your system is small and simple enough that you can just go ahead and test it and make sure it’s ok (and you have a way back to safety if things go wrong)… go ahead.

Thank you so much.

Basically, that was my unsure opinion, now completely backed-up by yours.

This system is just a one-man tool, me, mainly for mail shots and customer relations archive; not mission-critical; so I can play with the v8, leaving the v7 working until the time has come.