Data import without the importer (by simple query)


I have loaded my data in suiteCRM using sql query : everything looks OK on the front end (relationship and so on).
My problem is that the data are not indexed by lucene … how can I force suitecrm to build the index ?

thank you


Please do a full backup of the affected directories and tables before running these procedures!

  1. From your SuiteCRM root, delete the folder:

You must delete also that final Index directory, not just the files within it.

  1. Then in your database delete SQL tables aod_index aod_indexevent

  2. In SuiteCRM Schedulers, make sure that “Optimise AOD Index” and “Perform Lucene Index” are running at their appointed times.

  3. If you want to track the reindexing (may take a LONG time) do this command
    watch du -h modules/AOD_Index/Index/Index

This shows the directory size. As the indexer progresses, it seems to create and delete many temporary files, so the size will both increase and decrease, that’s normal. Of course eventually the final size will be bigger than the initial.


thanks for your help.
I did exactly what you suggest but I did not delete the table, just truncate it … are you sure that I must delete (I mean drop)

Just delete the rows, not the table, yes.

OK so nothing happen

You might have to wait for the Schedulers to run. See if they finished without errors, when they last executed, etc. from Admin » Schedulers.

And then just leave it there for a few hours, sometimes it’s mysterious…


Nothing … nothing … :S

Any other idea ?


Give us more information please:

Are your schedulers running?

Did they ever run correctly (did you ever configure cron)?

What is in your logs regarding all this?


The cron is configured and is launch as “apache” user (www-data for me)
no log in suitecrm.log …
the schedulers running … what do you mean (their status is “in progress” … in french “en cours”) ?

There are two scheduler, to my knowledge, that take care of the Index:
Optimize AOD Index
Perform Lucene Index

This is how it looks in my system:

You can also check if the other schedulers are running, even if they don’t have anything to do with the Index, it’s useful to determine if you have a problem with ALL schedulers, or only with these specific schedulers.

In my experience, the times shown on these screens don’t respect your timezone, they are always in USA time; don’t get fooled by that.