Data import question

I have a csv file that contains 2 necessary columns regarding A) Parent - Fed-eral Agency B) Sub-agencies. For instance DHS>ICE.

The import seed to have been clean. I am having a problem when I try to make the Opportunity page. I need to have drop downs on my opportunity page that provide the Parent and when selected it should only show that Parent’s sub agencies.

The problem is probably out of my own ignorance, but I don’t understand or know where my account data was imported. In other words when trying build my Opportunity page, I have a view of the tables, but it is not apparent how to find where my data exists within the SuiteCRM data schema.

Thanks for any help in advance!

In which module did you import that data in SuiteCRM UI?

Or are you working directly from the Database?

I thought it was in accounts. I may have to scrap this and start again. All I wanted is two columns, but I seem to still have some erroneous data that is not pertinent. Ultimately, I need to pair it down quite a bit. It’s not a traditional Sales cycle. However,I believe we can change the items in Studio…even if I need to try to get another cut of data. Most likely need to wipe the entire database. I think that I may still have some permission issues. Ideally, it’s just two columns that need to be imported into accounts, so that I can reuse them on our opportunities page. (Fed space is strange). Does that make sense? Also, what’s the best way to wipe the db and maintain the schema? I don’t need the strange drop down data…thought we had gotten rid of it, but would really rather enter what we need, and not have an weird option like a drop down option that says something like “Schools” that has nothing to do with this. I need to just get it wiped and jam in these 2 columns in accounts and we can build it from here.

Thanks again!

If all you did was import into Accounts module, then you can clear all rows from database accounts table.

Thanks, I will give it a shot and let you know. I think the problems is that we started with the sample data and didn’t get a clean wipe the first time. So, are saying to perform this from a DB admin perspective, or within SuiteCRM?

Both are possible.

The sample data has more stuff, has relationships etc. So cleaning that up might be more involved. But it’s not too much, just go into each module and delete records form List view of each module.

Follow up question on same post. Have tried 100 times to import multiple data columns into Accounts. I have used the Template, although I am not sure that all of the data is going in. We have about ;700 records, and gets reduced to ;60(duplicate check) which is the right number of agencies we are putting into the system. There are dozens more sub-agencies that go under the top level accounts. I need to be able to click on the account and see what those sub agencies are. What am I missing?

Now it seems that only the one “Name field” typically is checked for duplicates after I drag it over. I must misunderstand this process. I thought that during the mapping process any of the fields that I mapped from 1 to the other would be imported with my accounts.

I need a top level “agency account” that will allow me to select the corresponding “Sub-Agency”.

i.e. State Dept relays a choice of children agencies. I would like to be able to select these through nested drop downs. Drop down of State would yield another set of sub agencies in a 1 to many fashion.

Thanks in advance.

Before solving the import problem, try figuring out the best approach to the database design issues. How do you plan to store your data in SuiteCRM?

Read this, it should help a bit

You could use sub-accounts for your set up.

Many other ways are possible - a new module for sub-agencies, with a one-to-many relationship to Accounts, for example.

(after you make your choice, we can discuss the import)

Great! Thank you!! This is mostly Opps/accounts/sub-accounts. Of course what ever is simpler. We have been doing all our set up from within SuiteCRM. I believe the sub account approach is the right fit as long as it will allow us to accommodate the nested idea drop downs. I am willing to crack into the Php file too. But as always the guidance appreciated!