Data export (xlsx): Problem with special characters

Dear Team,

We are facing problems with special characters (mutated vowels) when doing excel-exports from SuiteCRM.
specially when working with lists full of French names and addresses.
So if we export the data from the list view from the Organisation module– its working fine.
However, when we export the data from the Reports module, it has the been showing error.

Ambit Support

Can you please show error screenshot?


If the problems are in Scheduled Reports, it’s using a different PHP (CLI), so it could be locale settings problems in your php.ini for CLI.


we have checked this issue in Suitecrm different versions in different environment (Linux / Windows) but same issue persist on all instances.we created account with Name “Administration communale de Soyhières” OR “KA – Client (organisation)” and exported it from list view then it is showing correct name but when we export it from reports it showing like “Administration communale de Soyhières” OR “KA – Client (organisation)”