Dashlets: Next Page Arrow not working

We have power users with extra Tabs set up to view other users Leads etc in Dashlets.
However if they click the “next page” arrow the Dashlets do not refresh and show the next page as they should.

I have discovered that if they hit Refresh button first, it then works but only for that one Dashlet.

Behaviour is the same on both Themes and all Browsers.

(It works ok on the first Tab, but not subsequent ones)

Version 7.2.3

This is likely caused by the Homepage link (Specifically, the one on the top-left of the CRM) leading to a page that isn’t AJAX enabled.

There are two ways around this issue.
The easiest one is to simply navigate to the Home Page by clicking “Home” on any of the dropdowns. See attached screenshot.

The 2nd is to modify it in the code.
This is likely not upgrade safe, so make this change at your own discretion.

In the file themes/SuiteR/tpls/_headerModuleList.tpl
Change line 42 so it becomes:
Then run a Quick Repair & Rebuild and clear your Browser’s cache.
Navigating to the homepage via the link on the top-left should no longer cause this issue.

Do either of these help your issue?

Sorry but that has no effect at all.

The Dashlets on the first tab or Home work perfectly.
It is only when you are on one of the extra Tabs, that the Dashlets do not refresh when clicking the next arrow


As of the most recent version, V7.4.3, clicking the Refresh symbol will allow you to change page on the dashlet

You mentioned that you are on v 7.2.3, which is a few months behind. 7.4.3 has more functionality and bug-fixes implemented.

It may be worth upgrading your instance to either 7.3.2 or 7.4.3 to see if this resolves.

If you do so, i’d recommend taking a backup of both of your DB and Instance, just to be safe.