Dashlet - unable to sort or change columns in 8.5

After a clean install of SuiteCRM 8.5 the Contact dashlet columns cannot be altered through Studio. I can make the changes in Studio, but that doesn’t change the way the dashlet columns appear. I have tried Quick Repair and Repair of Dashlets without success. I am just trying to add two columns and change order. No luck. Anybody else run into this problem?

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Username: will

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Try here!

Sorry, could you be more specific? Try what there?

Nevermind! I just noticed we don’t have admin rights in demo CRM. So, you can’t try same changes.

Well, i appreciate the thought. By default the Contact Dashlet under Accounts shows Name, City, State, Email and Office Phone. If you don’t mind, see if you can alter the dashlet to remove City and State and add Fax, Other Phone or any of the other fields.

I am looking at Admin>Studio>Contacts>Layouts>SuiteCRM Dashlets>SuiteCRM Dashlet List VIew. That is what i am unable to alter. I can change it in Studio - and the change stays, but it won’t show in the dashlet. Of course I understand if you don’t want to take the time - it was nice of you offer the help.

There are tips here regarding log files, which might give you clues:

Sorry folks, my bad. I got the dashlet confused with the subpanel. This is no longer an issue and can be removed.

This topic can be removed. I was changing on the dashlet and looking for the changes in the subpanel not realizing that I had the two confused. Sure enough the changes were being made correctly.