Dashlet to track customer calls and meetings


I am running a tech start-up and am the only person in the organisation selling. I used to be a SugarCRM user since many years, but shifted over to SuiteCRM 2 years ago and really like it. Running 7.10.7 at the moment.

I am a Lean Six Sigma black belt and a firm believer in that you get what you measure. I keep all my meetings and phone calls up to date in SuiteCRM and would very much like to see a graphical representation of how many sales calls and customer meetings I do weekly and monthly. In sales this is the one of, if not THE, key number to track.

SuiteCRM has a very nice dashlet portfolio, but these two meters are missing. I’ve installed KReports 4.0 but I have not succeeded to make it work with any SuiteCRM version.

Does anyone know if such a module exists, that would track sales meetings and calls and draw trends on them from the SuiteCRM data? If not, wouldn’t this be one of the key dashlets to develop for a CRM system?


So you have 2 issues - Dashlet question - and Kreport problem.
Dashlet question - call and meetings graphing[/color]
It does sound like a very useful dashlet. You have some options:

The ‘Advanced Open REports’ module in SuiteCRM has an option to create dashlets - I’ve not tried that.

The SugarCRM manual for the CE edition that SuiteCRM forked from, contains advise on creating a Custom Chart dashlet - if you have access to a programmer, you could create your own -see page 108 ‘Creating Custom Chart Dashlets’ at

Or you could offer here to pay someone to create a re-usable plugin that contained the new Dashlets.
Or these guys sell a Custom Chart dashlet - but I don’t see much activity on that site, so maybe not well supported. If you try it out - do report back here, how you found it.

[color=#ff0000]Kreporter not working for you[/color]
You might try the build-in Advanced Open Reports in SuiteCRM

I got KReporter running without any problems in SuiteCRM 7.7.4 (running on Debian).:
I’ve just tested and is working for me
KRest Core 2.5.2
KReporter Base 4.1.0
KReporter Core 4.1.0
SuiteCRM 7.7.7
PHP 7.0.8
Ubuntu 16.04.3
MySQL 5.7.16
Apache 2.4.18

I partially managed to solve this using the SuiteCRM reports module. Partially, because I now get monthly trends of both held calls and meetings, weekly still missing.
Here is how I did it:

Open the Reports module

Fields tab

  1. Create report
  2. Select from the module tree: Calls
  3. From the Fields select Start date and Status
  4. Calls Start date format options: Y-m, the rest none
  5. Calls Status format options: Function Count and Total Coung, everything else none

Condition tab:

  1. Add condition Calls status equal to value held

Chart tab

  1. Type: line chart
  2. X-axis: Calls - Start Date
  3. Y-axis: Calls - Status

You can now add a trend dashlet to the home page using the home page tools.

I tried this same with AlineaSol reports to get a weekly trend, but for some reason I cannot make a trend line with AlineaSol.

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