Dashlet - List favorites?


For me, Favorites should be a quick way to access records.

One of the most convenient ways to access would be via dashlets, but this doesn’t seem possible OTTB; studio does not have ‘My Favrorites’ as a search option in studio?

How can i add favorites to the dashlet search?


I think the current “favorites” feature is designed as something where you select only a handful of records to keep them visible on the sidebar, not more.

If you want to add many more favorites and search them, you’ll have to code a custom dashlet and get that information dfrom the table in the database.

Are you using the “record assigment” feature for something else? If not, that would be one way to get a similar result, and lots of dashlets are already done.

There is an appjetty plugin that runs favorites on the home page in dashlets.

link: https://www.appjetty.com/suitecrm-my-favorites.htm

We looked at that one, though it looks like this is over 2 years out of date. Almost 3 years actually and it’s a big cash investment for us to get it setup. Our people have dozens of favorites they would like to be able to manage, any ideas? This would be a big help.

I don’t think the record assignment feature does what i want?

We only have a few users and our projects can last for a number of years. I can therefore have a hundred or so projects assigned to me at the same time - the favorites seemed to be a good way to quickly access the projects i work on frequently.

The appjetty plugin looks great - thank you - although it seems to duplicate the suitecrm default favorite function, and on first try the records are not saving for me.

It also seems to group the favourites from a number of modules - ideally i was hoping for a way to filter dashlets with the OOTB favorite feature - though i have not looked at the plugin hard enough yet to see if it can do this.

What I meant with the assignment idea was to use it for Favorites. That implies not using it for… assignments. So you wouldn’t have hundreds of projects assigned to you. You would just assign those that you are currently using more frequently (your favorites!). The rest, you just leave unassigned.

Then it’s quite easy to have dashlets with “My projects” and filtered views with only your items.

A downside is that this scheme would only work well to allow one user to “favorite” each item at a given time.

I see, much easier than a custom dashlet thats for sure - i shall give it a go - thank you

Any other ideas? Why wouldnt SuiteCRM give you a favorites page in the menu so that you can see the full list?

Utilising the synchronisation features of modern browsers, we now have many users setup to have a SuiteCRM Work In Progress(WIP) folder in the browsers bookmark. Leaving users all the resource they need to bookmark and organise as many favourite SuiteCRM pages as they like, while keeping the initial SuiteCRM page load as light as possible. I feel this is a much better sttrategy than overloading the SuiteCRM start page as some users might be inlcinded to do.

However, it has one downside. The new Windows 10 utility to install websites like SuiteCRM as an App doesn’t make the browser bookmarks readily available.