Dashlet chart type has chnaged after upgrade to 7.6.4

I upgraded from 7.4.3 to 7.6.4 and I noticed that my pipeline dashlet has changed the type of chart and I can’t find where to reset it to the same type of chart I had before the upgrade.

This is the old chart (a funnel):

And this is the new chart:

that was introduced in 7.5, I don’t see any “type of graphs selector” and I don’t think that is an easy task to revert the code to <7.5

this is the commit history of the file that handles that Dashlet, you can take a look at it and tray to reverse the commit


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Thanks Mike,

I had noticed the changes. I tried fiddling with the file but I need to study how the charts library works in order to recreate the same dashlet.

I also noticed that the Funnel graphic is now different.

Is there a way to change the Chart type, I have looked in the Admin and I am not seeing any options for this,

I recommend to you guys to use the alineasol reports, they have the option to add reports as dashlets


best regards