Dashlet Assigned to filter shows all users


I have set “Filter User List” setting on in Security Suite Management configuration screen.

All modules; “Advanced Filter” panel “Assigned to” filter fields and all modules; edit view; “Assigned to” fields do show only the users from the same SGs of the current non-admin user. This works perfectly.

Dashboard - Dashlets also have “Assigned to” filter field in their Options panel. But this “Assigned to” filter fields do show all users in the system despite of “Filter User List” setting.

Do you think any workaround exists for to correct this ? or it is simply forgotten to implement showing users according to admin setting for non admin users as like other “Assigned to” fields do ?


It’s possible that this is not implemented yet.

Can you please ask in the SecuritySuite issues area on the Store, so we get input from the developer?


Tell me if you get any further information on this. Thanks.

Hi Pgr,

He will look at it : https://store.suitecrm.com/support/securitysuite/2608